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Cordless Amplified Telephones

Cordless Amplified Phones that let you wander freely while on a call.


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Clarity XLC3.6+HS Expandable Handset
Expandable handset to use with the Clarity XLC3.4+ or C4220+. It does not work with the Clarity Professional XLC3.4.

Note: This handset will not function on its own. A minimum of 1 XLC3.4+ telephone is required.

Clarity® D703 Amplified Cordless Telephone
The next generation of the #1 selling line of big button amplified cordless phones. The Clarity® D703™ combines hearing, vision and mobility solutions into one great value.
D702 HS D700 Series Expandable HS
The Clarity® D702HS™ is an additional handset for expanding the D700 Series of Clarity phones (D702, D712 and D722) around your home.
Serene Innovations CL-65 Amplified Cordless Telephone
The Serene Innovations CL-65 is a cordless phone designed for people with hearing loss, low vision or limited mobility.