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Misc. Accessories


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Amplicom AB900 Amplified Answering Machine
The Amplicom AB900 amplifies messages up to 40dB.
Clarity Cordless Phone Replacement Battery
Replacement battery for C4205, C410, C420, C430, C4210, C435, C4105, C600, C440, W425 and W425 Pro
Duplex Modular Telephone Adapter (y-jack)
This Duplex Modular Telephone Adapter allows you to create two slots for phone cords in one telephone wall jack. Recommended for use with signalers, ringers and answer machines.
RC 200 Air Switch
The RC 200 Air Switch allows you to control the phone by blowing into the tube.
RC 200 Pillow Switch
The RC 200 Pillow Switch allows easier activation, and navigation, of the phone by resting against the cushioned pillow.