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Personal Paging Systems

Vibrating or flashing, these systems let you know when someone wants your attention


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Personal Pager
A gentle vibration lets you knwo when someone wants your attention. This Personal Pager is lightweight and clips easily to your clothes and vibrates whenever someone presses the push-button transmitter.
Silent Call Pendant Pager Transmitter
The Silent Call Pendant Pager Transmitter will send out a signal to Silent Call Receivers. A great way to get someone's attention.
Silent Call Sleep Alert Charger
The Sleep Alert Charger recharges the battery in the Good Vibrations, Vibracall and Omni Page receivers.
Silent Call Good Vibration Multi-Function Receiver
The New and Improved, Silent Call Good Vibrations Multi-Function Receiver is a small battery operated unit that is designed to be worn close to the body. It easily attaches to the waist of slacks or a skirt, or can be placed in a pocket.
Silent Call Multi Function with Braille Call Receiver
The New and Improved Silent Call Multi Function with Braille Receiver is a personal alert system for people who are deaf/blind.