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CapTel 2400i Captioned Telephone
Designed for people who are comfortable with touch-screen technology, the CapTel 2400i features a large easy-touch display with multiple font sizes and colors for easy reading.
CapTel 840i Telephone Special Offer
The CapTel 840i captioned telephone combines the convenience of a telephone with the text capabilities of the Internet, showing you helpful captions during your phone conversations. Requires telephone service and high-speed Internet access.
save 87%
CapTel 840 Telephone Special Offer
This remarkable phone works like any traditional telephone, but it also shows you written captions during your telephone conversations. Can’t quite hear what they say? Just check the captions! Requires analog telephone line(s). DSL supported if appropriate filter in place.
save 85%
CapTel 880i Captioned Telephone
Designed for people with low vision or who have difficulty reading standard-sized captions.
save 87%
Ultratec TTY Paper 2 1/4"
TTY thermal paper at 2 1/4" for most standard TTY's.
AA NiCad Rechargeable Battery
Size AA, NiCad rechargeable batteries for your TTY. Batteries are sold individually.
Ultratec Uniphone 1140 TTY
The Uniphone is an exciting new concept in TTYs, combining a telephone, TTY and amplified phone - all in one!
Ultratec Minicom IV TTY
This basic TTY is affordable and easy to use. It has an easy-touch keyboard with a bright, tilted 20-character display for hours of comfortable use.
Krown Amplified Ringer and Strobe
The Krown Amplified Ringer and Strobe monitors your phone line for incoming calls. When receiving a call, the K-RA005 will alert you with a 120 dB amplified ringer, and bright flashing strobe light.
Sonic Boom Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker
This SB1000 all-in-one clock lets you select any combination of sound, flashing light, or optional bed vibrator wake-up signals.