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Telephone Receivers

Signaling Receivers that work with Telephone transmitters


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Sonic Siren
The Remote Horn, model RH 100 adjustable remote horn will alert you by sounding an adjustable tone and volume control, which allows you to select the most effective audio alert sound combination.
Sonic Informer
The newly redesigned Sonic Informer, model SA 101 will alert you by flashing any attached lamp.
Sonic Link
The Sonic Link, model SA 201 with its sleek, modern case will alert you by flashing any lamp that is plugged into its Pluglet (Plug-outlet).
Sonic Blink
The Sonic Blink, model BL 300 is the latest compact receiver and features a built-in, high intensity strobe light for signaling.
Silent Call Omni Page Receiver
The New and Improved, Silent Call Omni Page Receiver, is a single-function system that can be used with any ONE Silent Call transmitter.