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Telephone Transmitters

Telephone Signaler transmitters


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Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter
The Bellman Visit Telephone Transmitter sends out a radio signal to Bellman visit receivers for alerting when a you receive a call.
Krown Amplified Ringer and Strobe
The Krown Amplified Ringer and Strobe monitors your phone line for incoming calls. When receiving a call, the K-RA005 will alert you with a 120 dB amplified ringer, and bright flashing strobe light.
Krown Phone Flasher
The easy-to-install Krown Phone Flasher can be used anywhere and doesn't need an additional power supply to work. The light from the dome shape produces a strong flash to alert you to an incoming call.
Sonic Ring Elite Phone Signaler
The Sonic Ring Video Phone Signaler, model TR75VR, has been designed to alert you to your videophone with a choice of three distinct flash patterns.
Telephone/TTY Transmitter
Connects in seconds to the jack of any standard telephone or TTY. When the telephone or TTY rings, the transmitter signals any Silent Call receiver.