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Amplified Headsets

Lightweight, comfortable headsets that amplify the conversation


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Amplicom NL100 Induction Neckloop
The Amplicom NL 100 Induction Neckloop is designed to be used with the Amplicom Powertel series.
Market price: $39.95
MEE audio EarBoost EB1 Bluetooth Wireless Adaptive Audio Enhancement Earphones
EarBoost helps you experience your media to the fullest, working in tandem with our custom app to calibrate your headphones to your hearing curve in order to restore missing detail and boost clarity
MEE audio Matrix Cinema Low Latency Bluetooth Wireless Headphones for TV and Other Media
MEE audio’s 4th-generation Matrix headphones introduce a suite of innovations to improve the Bluetooth headphone experience with TV shows, movies, and other media.
William Sound Headphone Heavy Duty
Deluxe, heavy duty, folding headphones designed for William Sound products.
Market price: $19.00
William SoundDual Mini Earphone W/Eartips
Dual mini earbuds with flexible eartips, provides closer coupling. Fits a variety of ears.
Panasonic KX-TCA430 Lightweight Headset
Enjoy the convenience of hands-free use of your telephone with the Panasonic KX-TCA430 Lightweight Headset.
Williams Sound 18" Neckloop
The Williams Sound 18" Neckloop is a headphone that can be used in conjunction with hearing aids that have a T-coil or T-switch (telephone coil). for better sound quality, simply slip the neckloop over your head and plug it into the audio jack on your telephone, assistive device or audio player.