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Power-packed with advanced capabilities, the Supercom 4400 is the most sophisticated non-printing TTY.

Make connecting with Dad easier with Clarity!

Making plans with Dad or just calling to check in? Give him the gift of amplification with the Clarity Alto Digital Extra Loud Big Button Speakerphone, now 15% off through June! Ideal for those with mild, moderate or severe hearing loss, this phone is the first on the market to receive TIA-4953 certification, passing the new industry standards for amplified telephones. Includes built-in speakerphone and ergonomic volume and tone control.

FREE SHIPPING on Williams Sound Pocketalker with Headphones and single earbud Personal Amplifier

Pocketalker® Ultra System amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise. Ideal for one-on-one conversation, small-group and television listening, or conversing in the car. Use with or without hearing aids. Simply plug in your earpiece, position the microphone near the preferred sound, adjust volume to your comfort – and start listening.